“Building Stronger Communities: Empowering Change in the Justice System through Education, Support, and Advocacy”

About us

Our unwavering dedication is focused on putting an end to mass incarceration.

Virginia Justice Alliance is a dedicated and passionate nonprofit organization committed to cultivating a sense of community consciousness and promoting active involvement in addressing the challenges facing the justice system, incarcerated individuals, their families, and the broader community

Our values

Our Core Values



We believe in fair and impartial treatment for all individuals, ensuring justice for everyone.



Our organization operates with empathy and care, recognizing the humanity in all individuals.



We empower individuals to transform their lives, supporting rehabilitation and growth.

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Why Virginia Justice Alliance

We offer a unique approach to justice reform that focuses on education, support, and advocacy.

Community-Centered Initiatives

We prioritize community involvement and engagement in our efforts for justice reform.

Holistic Support Services

Our comprehensive support services cater to the needs of incarcerated individuals and their families.

Advocacy for Positive Change

We advocate for systemic changes within the criminal justice system to create a more equitable society.

Numbers Speak

How does mass incarceration affect Virginia?

30,000 +

Over 30,000 children in Virginia have a parent incarcerated.

749 per 100,000 people

 Virginia’s incarceration rate is higher than the US and any other democratic country.


53% of people in prison are Black, even though Black people make up 20% of Virginia’s state residents

$1.5 Billion

Virginia’s prison system costs about $1.5 billion per year to run.

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